eBeam for Education

Transforming classrooms into dynamic learning environments.

What is eBeam?

eBeam is an innovative range of interactive whiteboard technology. Highly portable, flexible and easy to install, it is a cost effective, genuine alternative to fixed sized interactive whiteboards.


eBeam interactive technology captures and records dry-erase notes from your whiteboard or flip chart. Place a standard dry erase marker in the eBeam Marker Sleeve, attach the eBeam receiver to your whiteboard or flip chart, and capture your pen strokes direct to your Windows PC, laptop or Mac.

Once captured, use the eBeam software to edit, reformat, save and share your notes in various formats, including PDF.

  • Save your whiteboard notes for use in future lessons
  • Distribute notes to students to reinforce learning






Introduce the eBeam Stylus and a digital projector or display to your set up, and the eBeam becomes a fully interactive digital whiteboard solution.

Use the eBeam Stylus like a mouse to interact with your familiar applications (e.g. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), annotate web pages and engage your students.

Use the eBeam Scrapbook software to create engaging lessons using diagrams, images and videos.










eBeam turns static meetings into lively, visual collaboration environments where everyone can participate, whether they're in the room or not. Smart and portable, eBeam devices capture and share ideas as they occur, so remote attendees can respond in real-time.

eBeam interactive technology allows businesses to use all of their familiar collaboration tools, but with the added functionality of a digital whiteboard. eBeam technology tracks your interaction with any flat surface, translating your movements into digital content. Annotate your desktop, interact with Office documents or brainstorm on a digital whiteboard. Collaboration is transformed, as everyone involved is able to contribute, whether they local or remote.

Why not see for yourself?

For more information about eBeam, or to arrange a free demonstration, contact us on 0141 416 0174.

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